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What surfaces can I apply it to?

Weekend Walls can be applied to any flat interior surface as long as it is smooth, painted, dry and clean. Stick it on your walls, ceilings, cabinets, and more. For installing over wallpaper, it is really a case by case basis. We would like to see a photo to make sure it is not already peeling off. Generally no, because the weight of the board could tear away old wall paper.

We do NOT recommend applying this paneling to flooring or seating, as it is only 3/16″ thick and unfinished (save yourself from spinters!)

Can I get samples?

Yes! Sample packs include five 8 inch long pieces of WeekendWall material with 3 strips of strong, commercial grade adhesive on the back.

How do I figure out how much I need?

Measure the width and height of your wall, and then multiply the two numbers together. This is how many square feet you need.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 30-day no questions asked return for all unused full boxes.

Is this real wood?

Yes. All our products are real wood planks that are responsibly sourced and certified sustainable by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Is this really reclaimed?

Yes! Our Weekend Walls product line is reclaimed from Cedar and Redwood fencing. Because this material had a previous life as outdoor fencing, you will see a large amount of variation in grain, color, and condition.

This seems kind of spendy for the wall size/project I had in mind. What goes into your cost?

Our costs take into account the gritty reclaiming process our team goes through in order to get the wood to its finished look; a lot of labor, love, and time goes into creating each piece of wood paneling. While we have found that we are pretty competitive with what is currently in the market we do understand that this can be a significant investment in your home. So from time to time we like run promotions for extra discounts on orders through our newsletter and social media; please follow us on these channels and sign up for our newsletter for updates on promotions. 

How thick is it? What are the dimensions?

Weekend Walls is 7/32” thick (3/16” wood, 1/32” adhesive). It is perfect for retro-fits without adding a lot of thickness.

The panels have a 5″ face width and ship in random lengths between 12″ and 48″, making staggering boards quick and easy with minimal cutting!

We cannot ship out only single/specified lengths.

What if a board I receive is not perfectly flat?

In the reclamation process, our awesome production crew does their best to grade out less than ideal boards. However, wood is a living thing and will expand, contract, and move due to changes temperature and humidity levels; this is why acclimating the material to its future home is incredibly important!

If a board cups a little during acclimation, it can still be used. The three strips of commercial grade, pressure sensitive adhesive on the back of each panel are incredibly strong! Just make sure to apply even pressure with a J roller at the time of installation.

Of course, reclaimed material is never perfect so if a corner curls or lifts after installing, a tack/pin nail can be added to hold it in place.

What tools do I need? How do I cut it?

All installs will need a tape measure, level, J-roller and a carpenter’s square. You’ll also need a way to cut the boards.  There are lots of options for cutting, including a jig saw, razor knife, or a hand miter saw. We recommend the jig saw and carpenter’s square for ease and speed of cutting. If you feel more comfortable using a hand saw these work as well, they just take a bit more time and care while cutting!

We have included links to some of the tools we recommend below that can be purchased online. All of these tools can be purchased at your local hardware store too (Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, etc).

How do I clean it?

Simply use a vacuum brush and attachment. If it gets wet wipe it down immediately.

Does it really stick?

Yes. The semi-permanent adhesive is rated to stick for more than 10 years, so it will stick until you are ready to remodel again.

Do you have issues with the adhesive not sticking?

If applied correctly on a smooth, dry, painted, clean and flat wall WeekendWalls will stick! Applying pressure with the J-roller at the time of install is a crucial step.  Of course, no house is perfect! If a board curls or lifts after installing, it might be because the wall was uneven, damp or needed more surface preparation.  If this happens a couple of tack/pin nails or finish screws can be added to hold it in place.

Are these removable?

The adhesive is rated to stick for over 10 years and removing the panels after installation will cause damage to the wall. For temporary installation, you can nail or screw a very thin piece primed/painted plywood to the wall first, and then stick the paneling to the plywood for a temporary solution

Why do you start in the middle vs the top or corner?

Starting in the middle helps balance the end points on both sides of the wall. Starting at a corner may result in a wall with most cut pieces ending on one side of the wall. We have also found that starting this way helps created the staggered pattern you see as a final result in our images and videos.

What about ceilings?

The paneling is lightweight and easy to apply to ceilings provided they are reasonably smooth, painted, clean and flat.  Heavier textured ceilings should be sanded down, cleaned and painted for best results.

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What about kitchens and bathrooms?

Weekend Walls can be applied in a bathroom or kitchen if the surface is completely (100%!) dry before applying. Don’t use the space for several days before installing, and unbox your product to acclimate it to the space.  Applying pressure with the J-roller at the time of install is a crucial step.

We do NOT recommend using this paneling as a sink or tub backsplash. If you would like to do so, finish the boards with a clear sealant before application.

What about outdoors?

Don’t do it! If you like the look and need an outdoor rated product.

What about commercial/restaurant/retail spaces?

Absolutely yes! We originally created our peel and stick paneling for commercial interiors. The product was a hit with customers for its unique, affordable and durable style so we decided to make it available for both commercial and residential projects!  It is perfect for retrofits as it is very thin, lightweight and easy to install. You can completely refresh a space in a few hours with limited tools and cleanup.

Do you have a program for interior designers?

Yes, we work with designers and trades.

What about fireplace surrounds?

The general rule from the National Fire Code is that all combustible materials must be at least 6” away from the fire box. Make sure you consult your local building code as some areas have codes that differ from the National Standards.

Can I hang wall décor on the panels?

Yes! For heavier items, make a note of where the studs are located before installing the peel and stick paneling. Once you complete the installation and are ready to hang items, make sure the hanging hardware that you use goes through the panel into the existing wall. Use a pin nail for light décor or an anchor/screw for heavier pieces.