Frequently Asked Questions

*Q . What surfaces can I apply it to?

A. Weekend Walls can be applied to any flat interior surface as long as it is smooth, painted, dry and clean. Stick it on your walls, ceilings, cabinets, and more.

*Q. How do I figure out how much I need?

A. Measure the width and height of your wall, and then multiply the two numbers together. This is how many square feet you need.

*Q. Is this real wood?

A. Yes. All our products are real wood planks that are responsibly sourced and certified sustainable by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

*Q. How thick is it? What are the dimensions?

A. Weekend Walls is 7/32” thick (3/16” wood, 1/32” adhesive). It is perfect for retro-fits without adding a lot of thickness. The panels have a 5″ face width and ship in random lengths between 12″ and 48″, making staggering boards quick and easy with minimal cutting!

*Q. How do I clean it?

A. Simply use a vacuum brush and attachment. If it gets wet wipe it down immediately.

*Q. Does it really stick?

A. Yes. The semi-permanent adhesive is rated to stick for more than 10 years, so it will stick until you are ready to remodel again.

*Q. Are these removable?

A. The adhesive is rated to stick for over 10 years and removing the panels after installation will cause damage to the wall. For temporary installation, you can nail or screw a very thin piece primed/painted plywood to the wall first, and then stick the paneling to the plywood for a temporary solution

*Q. What about fireplace surrounds?

A. The general rule from the National Fire Code is that all combustible materials must be at least 6” away from the fire box. Make sure you consult your local building code as some areas have codes that differ from the National Standards.

*Q. Can I hang wall décor on the panels?

A. Yes! For heavier items, make a note of where the studs are located before installing the peel and stick paneling.